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Welcome to official website of HiFuni Pumps Pvt. Ltd. of the fastest growing manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Submersible Water Pumps and motors in india (Gujart,Rajkot). The engineering hearts throb of western India. We are engaged in manufacturing of highest quantity Indian Submersible Water Pumps and motors. With strategically located product facilities cutting edge technology constantly innovating R & D and stringent quality control. We’ve set over on quality standard.

WE ARE THE PIONEER OF INTRODUCING 70TH HEAD/STAGE IN VERTICAL 6 INCH SUBMERSIBLE WATER PUMPS. Hifuni is best price leader and most competitive in all the performance parameters in submersible water pumps segments

HIFUNI PUMPS was incorporated since 2012 year. Within a short span of the time company becomes one of the leading manufacturer of Indian Pumps like V3 submersible Water pumps, V4 submersible Water pumps, V6 submersible Water pumps, V8 submersible Water pumps,Agricultural and Farm Pump Manufacturer, monoblock Water pumps, centrifugal Water pumps, sevage Water pumps, self priming Water pumps & customized Water pumps, open well submersible Water pumps in India.

We are core well experienced technical team is engaged full-fledged R&D division is dedicated to research and development of innovative products with new materials, applications and processes. With an support to succeed, we continually innovate and introduce new products and pumping solutions that satisfy the market needs, which is to manufacture high quality submersible Water pumps with consume of less energy, have long life and are easy to maintain.

Why HiFuni Pumps?

We offer world-class opportunities to learn and develop inside the organization. We are into water transportation application manufacturers...