Core Team

We are experience by a crew of self moved, value cognizant and innovation-expert individuals. The promoters are capable, inventive and free. Two substances with years of encounter in the division, the coordination of the specialized and preparation know-how has allowed the production of valuable synergies, that still constitute a vital purpose of power, further bolstering the good fortune of the association.

Specifically the decentralization of generation towards a system for the supply of semi-finalized items and middle materials has permitted upholding extraordinary flexibility in preparation and in the meantime insurance the item value in accordance with the best gauges in the segment, safeguarding a heightened level of personalization of the feature as per the necessities of specific mandates.

The organization - HiFuni Pumps Pvt. Ltd, association that was secured with third party arranges, as one with smart administration of the stock has expedited a decrease in the time between gathering of the customer's request and fulfilling the solicitation to least.

Prevailing center of the group was & is to produce QUALITY PUMPS which will devour less vigor, have long existence, effortlessly repairable. To realize the above set objectives, exceptional value crude materials are utilized; examination at different phases of generation is completed; last item is tried for exhibition and stuffed fittingly & dispatched the material in order to achieve the finish client without any harm.

Transparent arrangements are embraced in doing the business with diverse wholesalers / dealers which again has given great potential to grow the business.

Every last one of the branches are headed by chiefs who will deal with the departmental actions dependent upon the on the whole approaches of the group.